Medimpex officially gave up Importing Sputnik V to the Federation of BiH

Medimpex has officially given up on procuring the Sputnik V vaccine for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), as was confirmed by the Institute of Public Health. Namely, the journalists received an official letter from this company yesterday.

Since there was an insight into the letter sent by the law firm on behalf of Medimpex, here are some of its parts:

”We hereby address you on behalf of our client Medimpex d.o.o. Sarajevo with a press release. In order to prevent all further media speculation and various statements, we are giving the following press release. At the same time, in this way, our client distances himself from all further statements and media speculations.”

They mostly point out the fact that even before the official information was published, some media received information that the bidder himself did not know.

“So, even before the company was officially selected as the best bidder, certain media communicated information that the bidder himself did not know, which refers to the selection, price, and delivery deadline, more precisely the moment of concluding the mentioned contract. We especially emphasize this because even then, through certain media, false information was placed that the contract had been signed and that the vaccines would arrive in 3 days? Despite these facts, to which Medimpex immediately indicated, certain media immediately published information that the Agreement had been signed and that it is waited for the delivery of the first part of the vaccines, thus putting unnecessary pressure on all participants in this procedure. “

The Government of FBiH will probably discuss new offers for the import of vaccines today.

Yesterday’s information from the Institute of Public Health of FBiH, that the bidder Medimpex d.o.o. Sarajevo has not fulfilled its obligations from the signed contract, the Government of the FBiH will urgently consider, and an order has already been given to the Ad Hoc negotiating team to communicate with other suppliers and prepare Information for the FBiH Government.

The continuation of the 259th session, as well as the 260th regular session of the FBiH Government, is scheduled for today, when the information of the ad hoc team about the bidders will probably be discussed.

“The Government will continue with the procedure of procurement of vaccines through intervention imports, until it provides vaccines for the citizens of the FBiH, in addition to 800.000 vaccines that have already been paid for through the COVAX mechanism at the end of last year. As was announced, the first doses are expected tomorrow,” the Government stated yesterday.

The public will be informed on time when it comes to all decisions of the FBiH Government and any new information.

To recall, Medimpex d.o.o. Sarajevo did not submit to the Public Health Institute of FBiH the necessary documents on the procurement of vaccines against Covid-19, Sputnik V, within the set deadline, BHRT writes.

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