Meet Daria Kovačević and one of her Occupations! 

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Up, high above the noise, traffic and city rush, while other people travel to work or sit in their offices, these people do their job while hanging on a string.

When you pass by a building and look up, you will often see people on high altitudes who clean, paint, place commercials or fix parts of buildings. They do a difficult job in a difficult position, while being attached to a rope.

One of those people is Daria Kovačević, a girl that delights other people with her boldness and fearlessness, as well as with her diligence and the desire to work. She is also an adrenaline addict – a trait that can only be an advantage in this job.

Daria from Sarajevo got to love sport climbing and alpinism thanks to her friends that engage in this kind of activity.

“Climbing means relaxation for me, I feel how it strengthens my physical and mental capabilities,” Daria says while preparing to work on the roof of the Hotel Holiday.

She accidentally got a call for this job.

“Altitude works came by accident. My employers asked me if I am afraid and if I would like to try. I said no, I am not afraid and yes, I want to try. I love challenges so I accepted this,” Daria says.

Daria says that each building is a challenge for her, a new place that has to be conquered, made more beautiful with one’s own effort and work.

“It is a difficult job, but if you have a cool crew such as my team from the Hauk agency, you master everything. I have plenty of support and understanding coming from my male colleagues in the company,” says Daria and adds that there are no prejudices. Colleagues see her as equal to themselves and they help her when she encounters some difficulties.

Daria worked on many buildings in Sarajevo and says that she is usually not afraid.

“I love heights, but the only place where I was scared was the Avaz tower. I have no idea why, perhaps it was the wind,” Daria says.

Daria says that equipment is expensive, but that she and her friends always find a way to get the best equipment possible.

“It all pays off when you feel the adrenaline. All difficulties seem smaller,” Daria concludes.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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