Meeting on the Export of Milk Today in Brussels

brusellsThe Director of the Veterinary Office of B&H Ljubomir Kalaba is to meet the Director of the Directorate for Health and Food Safety Bernard Van Goethem today in Brussels. At the meeting, it should be discussed about the blockade of the export of milk from B&H to the EU, confirmed the Veterinary Office of B&H.

It is known now that Croatia appealed to the European Commission on the decision about the export of milk from B&H to the EU, and it is expected to be clarified at today’s meeting why was that done.

Besides Kalaba, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H Dusan Neskovic will also be in the delegation of B&H.

On August 27th, Kalaba submitted a note of protest to the Delegation of the European Commission in B&H on the occasion of the decision to suspend the export of milk from B&H to the EU, and announced that he will request a meeting in Brussels in order to get an explanation why and under which circumstances was the earlier approved list of dairies from B&H that can export to the EU withdrawn.


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