Meeting Tomorrow in Sarajevo Under Initiative “Parliament for Europe”

zgrada delegacije eu u bih-1Members of the commission for European integration of the BiH Parliament, RS National Assembly and FBiH Parliament and representatives of the Brčko Disctrict will meet tomorrow in Sarajevo under the initiative of the EU entitled “Parliament for Europe”.

They will discuss the ways in which regional cooperation could be effectively used to intensify the process of EU integration. More concretely, they will discuss how good ideas could be translated into concrete regional projects with the help of Parliament.

Renzo Daviddi, the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, and Goran Svilanović, the General Secretary of the Council for Regional Cooperation, will open the session with a speech on regional cooperation as an opportunity for development.

Guest of “Parliament for Europe” will be Ambassador Aleksandar Andrija Pejović, State Secretary for European Integration and the Chief Negotiator for the negotiations of the accession of Montenegro to the EU. Ambassador Pejović will speak on the experiences of Montenegro in the process of EU integration and will give his vision of the positive impact that regional cooperation could have on the development of BiH.

During the meeting with EU officials, BiH Parliamentarians will have the opportunity to hear a presentation by Ambassador Osman Topčagić, head of the Section for the EU in the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs on current plans for development of regional cooperation.

This is the fifth cycle of the initiative “Parliament for Europe”, which gathers members of the BiH Parliament and EU officials, as well as members of the Parliament and officials from member states of the EU and neighboring countries in order to discuss ways that BiH could progress in the process of EU integration.

The meeting will be held in the EU Delegation building in BiH starting at 10:00.

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