Members of the international community support reconciliation efforts in Maglaj

The OSCE Mission to BiH, the Office of the High Representative, the EU Delegation to BiH, the Embassy of the United States of America, and the Embassy of Sweden strongly support the relocation of a destroyed armoured personnel carrier in the Maglaj municipality, which has recently been made into a monument to fallen soldiers and civilians of the Ulišnjak local community.

Representatives of the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Maglaj Municipality, MZ Ulišnjak, and war veterans associations in the Maglaj municipality jointly reached this important decision.

This decisive step represents another example of the Maglaj municipality playing a positive role in advancing post-war reconciliation in Maglaj and beyond. Most notably, authorities have agreed to honour the fallen while carefully avoiding polarizing elements, thereby ensuring that mutual respect and trust are maintained in the community.

Such leadership is exactly what is needed for a stable and prosperous future of BiH. The international community will continue supporting those who take meaningful steps to advance reconciliation and promote mutual understanding.

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