Milanovic: BiH does not exist without the Croatian People in it

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said in Zagreb yesterdaythat Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) does not exist without the Croatian people in it.

BiH does not exist without Croats. They are the smallest, but they tip the scale for the survival of the state. If, after all that, a handful of unitarist noisy people, morality usurers, don’t like me, then great, “ Milanovic stated.

Asked if he thinks that his statements help the Croatian people in BiH, Milanovic explained that they help and that Croatian people would otherwise be in a bad situation.

“The government ignores its work and what is available to them, more precisely all diplomatic measures to protect state interests, and that is the Croatian people in BiH,” Milanovic said.

He explained all of this yesterday at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Croatian Military Academy (HVU) “Dr. Franjo Tudjman” and the ceremonial promotion of undergraduate and graduate students of Military Engineering and Military Leadership and Management studies.

Journalists also asked him about the recent cancellation of a visit to Nova Bila on the occasion of the White Road anniversary, but he said he would not comment more than what was written in a statement issued by the media on Sunday morning.


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