Milanović Promised Help to BiH In All Segments

zoran_milanovic_articleimageCroatia will continue to assist BiH in all segments, which is what the country has been doing until now, announced today the BiH Minister for Human Rights Damir Ljubić, relaying the words of the Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović, who arrived this morning in a two-day visit to Sarajevo.

After a visit to municipality Ravno, the Croatian Prime Minister spent the morning in municipality Stolac, where officials and business people from the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and municipalities Stolac and Ravno, as well as the BiH Minister awaited him for Human Rights and Refugees Damir Ljubić.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Milanović did not give a statement to journalists. Instead, Minister Ljubić conveyed his impressions of the meeting, and said that they spoke of the situation in south Herzegovinian municipalities in BiH and the issue of Croatian accession to the EU.

“The Croatian Prime Minister promised to continue to help BiH in all segments’’, said Ljubić, and added how the leaders of these municipalities shared their thoughts and problems around the entry of Croatia to the EU.

“I think that these border areas would benefit from Croatia’s accession to the EU, and regarding the alleged problems, it is primarily a problem for the Council of Ministers and the FBiH government’’, said Ljubić, and noted that this area deserves the increased attention of Croatia due to its position, and because of its development potential.

“In this regard, the Croatian Prime Minister promised to visit this area again. Essentially, he is the first Prime Minister to visit this area”, said the State Minister.

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