Milorad Dodik is in no position to threaten anyone

Milorad Dodik is in no position to threaten anyone, let alone citizens of BiH, said representative of Coalition of NGOs ”March 1” Emir Suljagic. Suljagic stated this after media from RS reported that president of this entity said that mass registration for the general elections of 2014 will not happen like it did for local elections in Srebrenica and that they ”intentionally let them do what they did only to see how far they can go”. 

”Dodik did not give anything to us, nor we would accept it. He and Mladen Bosic overlooked an important detail: Dayton Treaty is a package, not a menu where they can choose from. Therefore, they can turn to Slobodan Milosevic posthumously, or file a request for Dayton Treaty to be revised.  In the meantime we will use every right Annex 7 and Constitution of BiH give us, including the right to freedom of movement and freedom of resident”, said Suljagic.

To remind, commenting on the meeting between Social Democratic Party of BiH Zlatko Lagumdzija and Suljagic, where Lagumdzija said that ”enabling voting to everyone who want to use that right in their pre-war residence is the matter of fundamental values and a safe step in direction of normalization of relations in BiH”, Dodik said that ”RS authorities will do everything to prevent what happened in Srebrenica during the local elections to happen again”.

”It is obvious environment is created to repeat what happened in Srebrenica. It is certain we will not allow new campaign. It should be clarified that the Election Law is not the key problem in this story, but the Law on Residence which has not been passed in Parliament of BiH. European Commission itself insists on such law to be passed in its latest report on progress. This is great opportunity for those Europeans to prove themselves”, said Dodik.

Leader of the Coalition of NGOs ”March 1” thinks that president of the smaller entity overlooked one detail.

”It seems to me that Dodik overlooked that he is not dealing with local plumes of return that he has been able to bribe with cows, tractors or restoration of houses. We are a group of people who believe in what they say and do what they believe in. Dodik is in no position to threaten anyone, let alone citizens of BiH. He is only a president of one of the two entities in state of BiH where there are more hungry then full people. If I were him, I would think about how to keep loyalty of praetorian guard, i.e. MI that has had its salaries reduced by 10% again, because that is the only thing standing between him and fury of the people”, said Emir Suljagic, leader of the Citizens’ Initiatives ”Vote for Srebrenica” and one of the leading men of Coalition of NGOs ”March 1”.

SARAJEVO, December 16 (Fena)

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