Milorad Dodik: Republika Srpska is fully prepared for Secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republika Srpska (RS), is fully prepared for secession from Bosnia and all it takes for it to happen is a parliament decision, Chairman of the country’s tripartite Presidency Milorad Dodik stated on Wednesday.

The opion came after the leading Bosniak party, the Party for Democratic Action (SDA), announced it will ask the Constitutional Court whether the name of Republika Srpska is in line with the Constitution, arguing that it excludes other ethnic groups living on its territory.

Dodik said he distrusts the Constitutional Court which will “always rules against the RS.”

The Court is composed of nine members, two members per majority ethnic group in the country and three foreign judges. Dodik and his party have been complaining for years that the foreigners tend to side with Bosniaks and “outvote” members from the other two ethnic groups.

“If the SDA wants to do this, I will push for rigorous protection measures in the RS,” Dodik said.

“We have all laws that enable us to take control of the border overnight already written. All we need to do it schedule a parliament session and we can do this,” said Dodik.

He called upon the country’s Bosniaks and Croats to renegotiate the setup of Bosnia and use the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement as a basis for negotiations as many changes were introduced in Bosnia that violate the agreement.

“The Bosnian Constitution nowhere says that Bosnia is in charge of the judiciary. That was imposed by a High Representative. Two entities never agreed for the judiciary to be at the state level,” he argued.

The Bosnian flag was also something that was imposed by a High Representative, he said.

He assessed that nobody is happy with how the country is set up.

“Today everyone is dissatisfied equally, Serbs, Bosniaks, Croats, and even the international community.”

Dodik announced that he would speak to Serb representatives on Thursday and that he expects his position to be supported as “this is a thing that unites us all.”

For years Dodik has been announcing the secession of Republika Srpska and that Bosnia was an artificial construct.


“We have different views in regard to history. I don’t dispute the right of Bosniaks to look at history in a certain way,” he said. “Russia blocked the Resolution on Genocide in the UN Security Council and I thank them for that. Thank you Putin,” he said, adding that the British initiative “insulted Serbs.”

(Source: N1, the Srpska Times)

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