Minister Dzindic: By the End of the Year, there will be no Increase in the Price of Gas in the Federation of BiH

Minister of Energy, Mining, and Industry in the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), Nermin Dzindic stated that there will be no increase in the price of gas by the end of this year, regardless of the fact that its price on the world stock market has increased by more than 44 percent, as confirmed by the Anadolu Agency (AA).

Dzindic stressed that the Regulation on the organization of the gas industry has been very clear since 2007 and that on Thursday, for the first time, all actors of that organization and Energoinvest as the only gas supplier, BH Gas as the transmission system operator, and Sarajevogas as the third level supply actor for Canton Sarajevo (CS), which is the largestconsumer of this energy source, addressed together.

The director of Energoinvest, Bisera Hadzialjevic, acting director of the BH Gas, Mihajlo Krmpotic, as well as the acting director of the Public Utility ‘Sarajevogas’, Edis Bakovic, also spoke about gas supply in BiH entity, FBiH at the press conference in Sarajevo that was organized on Thursday.

Hadzialjevic, the director of Energoinvest, pointed out that thiscompany has the role of a supplier, ie to supply gas to BiH or provide it from its own production, which BiH currently does not have the possibility to do.

Pointing out that Energoinvest imports gas from Gazprom from Russia, because there is no other possibility, considering that the only active route is from Zvornik, Hadzialjevic said that the company, as the owner of the imported gas, concludes contracts with transmission system operators and ultimately concludes contracts with end-users.

Acting director of BH Gas, Krmpotic, stated that the role of that company was precisely defined as the role of a transporter that transports gas to end-users safely.

“We no longer have the role of the supplier, but Energoinvest, and I hope that in the upcoming period we will be able to jointly implement all activities without the problems that existed in the past period,” Krmpotic emphasized.

Director of Public Utility “Sarajevogas” Bakovic, pointed out that the priority and mission of that company are to ensure a reliable gas supply to the CS.

“By the end of August, we have connected 450 new users, and with the funds of the Ministry of Communal Infrastructure, another 20 gas users are being connected. Since the heating season is just ahead of us, we hope to have a thousand new users by the end of this year, which is satisfactory in the year of the pandemic,” Bakovic told.

Also, he added that the goal of Sarajevogas is to reduce the number of solid fuel fireboxes as much as possible in order to improve the air quality in the CS.


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