Monk of Glogovac Monestary in Republika Srpska killed

Residents of Sipovo were shocked on Tuesday by an unprecedented crime, after a monk was found in the Glogovac monastery with stab wounds most likely inflicted with a knife, from which he lost his life, “Nezavisne novine” finds out.

Although this information has not been officially confirmed by the police, a cordon of police and ambulance crews passed through Sipovo, Vijesti.ba writes.

The monk was killed with a knife and, according to unofficial information, he was stabbed in the chest. Also, as Nezavisne finds out, the police is looking for a man, who can be linked to the crime, but detailed information from the competent authorities has not been announced.

The locals are in shock and disbelief that a crime has taken place against a monk in this holy place. The official website of the monastery states: “In disbelief and grief, we inform all people of the Glogovac Monastery that an unknown perpetrator killed Father Stefan, a longtime monk of the Glogovac Monastery, with a knife in the evening of December 7. All details of this horrific crime will be announced later as well as the time of the funeral of the martyred monk Stefan. ETERNAL MEMORY TO YOU, OUR FATHER AND BROTHER STEFAN! “

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