Fifteenth Anniversary of Death of Former Macedonian President in Plane Crash near Mostar

The former Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski, six members of the Macedonian Delegation that departed for an international conference in Mostar and two crewmembers were killed on 26 February 2004 when their plane crashed into a nearby mountain due to a pilot error.

The investigation into the plane crash reopened in December 2012 at the request of Macedonia after the Macedonian MUP and the Ministry of Transport and Communication of BiH collected new material evidence.

An English speaker and ordained Methodist minister, Mr Trajkovski was viewed in the west as a young leader with an international outlook and an ability to build contacts abroad.

He specialized in commercial and employment law and once headed the legal department of a construction company.

The mountainous Balkan region, combined with difficult winter weather conditions, can be hazardous for air travel.

Mr Trajkovski is survived by his wife and their son and daughter.

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