Fifteen Persons hospitalized in Mostar with Injuries caused by Strong Wind

More than fifteen people have been received on Saturday in the Canton Hospital “Dr. Safet Mujic” in Mostar due to fractures and other injuries caused by stormy weather.

The media reported earlier that at least six people were hospitalized in this hospital, including a child who was pressed by the garage door, which resulted in its fingers to be broken.

In a very difficult health condition is the gas pump worker near Tekija, who was hit in the head in the afternoon hours, and he has suffered life-threatening injuries and was hospitalized at the Intensive Care Unit.

A very strong wind threw a woman who fell and broke the hip. Two men were brought to the Cantonal Hospital – one with the injuries of the upper arm and other with hand and neck injuries.

Stormy weather began last night in Herzegovina, and strong winds have caused major damage to several cities.

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