Mostar Airport is planning to double the Number of Passengers?

Mostar Airport is planning to double the number of passengers by introducing the long-expected lines for Dusseldorf and Stuttgart and establishing a regular line for Zagreb. Moreover, it will continue their negotiations with Belgrade and Istanbul.

The director of that airport, Marin Raspudic, stated that there is a large interest in flights to German cities, which Eurowings will introduce on May 16. He also urged citizens to use these lines, and added that Dusseldorf and Stuttgart have connections with all cities in the world.

“When it comes to prices, these lines are very cheap and we believe that this will be recognized by the businessmen of the City of Mostar, the Diaspora, tourists, but also citizens of Herzegovina,” said Rasputic.

He said that negotiations for the establishment of lines for Belgrade and Istanbul are currently taking place, but they are not agreed yet.

“We are sure that our quality will be improved with the arrival of Eurowings and Croatia Airlines and we can expect that airlines will be determined by our schedule,” added Raspudic.

He also noted that they have to work on improvement, and that without the constant investment there will be no development of the airport.

“This year we achieved good cooperation with the level of city, the canton and the FBiH, and we are hoping that everyone will fulfil their obligations and that we will manage to successfully complete all the tasks,” stated Raspudic.

“We believe that the entire Europe will hear about the openness of our airport and that this year will be the initial capsule for the development of Airport Mostar,” concluded director Raspudic.





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