Mountain Lodge and Zip-line started operating on Fortica Hill

The Mayor of Mostar Ljubo Beslic, officially opened the premises of the Hill-Cycling Association at Fortica Hill with the solemn cutting of the ribbon. The building that was given to this association by the city administration was reconstructed with the donations of the economic subjects, as well as the voluntary work and funds provided by the association.

The longest zip-line in BiH was constructed as well, and it was put into operation at a place with great viewpoint with a large flag of BiH, which already became a tourist attraction. The honour to try this 570-meter-long zip line for the first time was given to Djani Rahimic and Edin Durmo, a well-known alpinists from Zenica who worked on the zip line.

“I can say from the first hand that the experience is fantastic, and the view of the city from the air is just great. It is not scary at all and we believe that it will be a great experience and worth the money you will give for it,” said Djani Rahimic from the Mountain-Biking Association MTBA from Mostar. Rahimic stated that several agencies in Mostar already recognized Fortica as a tourist destination and they are already bringing tourists to take photos at this location. He stated that they are already receiving zip-line queries on social networks. He added that interest is really great, because more active tourists are coming to Mostar.

“Tourists usually visit the old part of the town, for which they need an hour and then they continue their journey. In this way, we believe that tourists will be staying here longer if they have additional content. The people who come here are younger, more active, they like to run, walk, ride a bicycle, etc. Fortica is very close to Mostar and it is very easy to come here and we are sure that it will have its visitors,” said Rahimic.

He said that other associations are sending quarries, and they will start offering sport climbing, paragliding, and other contents in Fortica. He added that they have different ideas and their aim is for Fortica to become an adventuristic park.



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