Mountaineer Mazalovic after visiting Mont Blanc: BiH has the most Beautiful Mountains in Europe

rizo mazalovicA group of mountaineers from the Mountaineering Sports Association “Zlatni ljiljan” from Sarajevo won the highest peak in the Alps – Mont Blanc, with the height of 4,810 meters. The expedition lasted from the 28th of July to the 2nd of August.

One of the members of BH expeditions, Rizo Mazalovic, said that it was an unforgettable experience. He returned to BiH with a lot of impressions.

“Seven members of our expedition managed to climb to the top. Few of us had to stay a bit behind, because of a big storm. The next two days it was snowing, and snow exceeded the height of one meter,” said Mazalovic about his experiences on the one of the most famous mountains in the world, which is annually visited by thousands of mountaineers and climbers.

Mazalovic carries beautiful memories from France, but he also stated that the mountains in BiH are as beautiful, or even more beautiful, than the French Mont Blanc.

“I am sure that BiH has this kind of potential, perhaps even better than many European countries. Our mountains are even more beautiful and attractive. If our government invested in infrastructure, we would be at the forefront of European mountain tourism very soon,” said Mazalovic.

BH expedition on Mont Blanc included: Zakir Šogolj, Sulejman Bašalija, Izet Mušanović, Mirsad Džekman, Haris Sirčić, Nijaz Ferhatović, Mernis Obuća, Emina Brkanić, and Jasmin Kurtović, Mustafa Mujo Čutahija, Rizo Mazalović, Samir Delibegović, Tatjana Ivanović, Enver Ćorović and Lasić Muharem.


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