MP from Bosnia-Herzegovina Lidija Bradara observed the Voting Process in Azerbaijan


High voter turnout was observed at the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, said MP from Bosnia-Herzegovina Lidija Bradara, who observed the voting process at the 21st polling station of the 23rd Nasimi-Sabail constituency, Trend reports.

“I believe that the elections will be extremely successful,” the MP noted.

Bradara said that by 13:30 (GMT +4) she has observed the voting at six polling stations and didn’t find negative cases.

The observer added that the elections were held in democratic environment and emphasized the great number of women participating in the election process as organizers and observers.

The MP said that according to the experience of observation in many European countries, she estimates the presence of a great number of women in the election process as an extremely positive fact.

“This is my first visit to Azerbaijan and I am very glad to be here,” Bradara added. “Although I read about the country, I have never seen it. Baku is an unusually modern city that combines elements of East and West, past and present. I have very positive impressions about Azerbaijan.”

The parliamentary elections of the sixth convocation were held in Azerbaijan on Feb. 9. Some 1,314 candidates were registered within the early parliamentary elections.

The candidacies of 246 people were nominated by 19 political parties, 1,057 were self-nominated, 11 – by initiative groups. Twenty-one percent accounted for female candidates while 79 percent – male candidates.

Throughout the day, 5,573 permanent polling stations operated in 125 constituencies of the country. There were 5,329,460 registered voters.

Some 883 international observers and 77,790 local observers monitored the voting process. Among the local observers, 35,152 were representatives of political parties. International observers represented 58 countries and 59 organizations.

(Photo: Dnevni Avaz)



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