How much money Citizens of BiH spent by paying by Card?

master cardAccording to the Central Bank of BiH (CBBiH), at the end of 2016, services of card payment were offered by 24 commercial banks in BiH.

These are global brands MasterCard, Visa and American Express, while only three banks are offering the only domestic card – Bamcard.

Last year, the total number of active cards was 2,042,280, in comparison to 2015, when there were 2,013,219 cards that were used by citizens of BiH. This represents an increase of 29,061 cards when compared to 2015.

The value of transactions that were realized last year by cards at home and abroad amounted to 8,791.381.069 BAM, which is an increase compared to 2015 when the realized value of transactions amounted to 7,663.585.465 BAM.

The average value of one transaction amounted to 112 BAM in 2016, which is an increase compared to the year before by 3 BAM. The average annual turnover per card amounted to 4,305 BAM in 2016, while in comparison to 2015, it was smaller and amounted to 3,807 BAM. Thus, an increase in the amount of 498 BAM was recorded.

Foreign citizens realized a total of 1,469.698.415 BAM by cards from their banks from abroad at ATM and POS devices in 2016.

All banks in BiH are offering online banking or some kind of electronic banking. The data are showing increased number of clients that are using these services.

This type of service covered a total of 383,761 subjects, while a total of 314,777 subjects used this service in 2015.

Of the total number of Internet users or some other kind of electronic banking, a total of 48,053 were legal entities and 335,708 were physical individuals, as announced by the Department of Public Relations of CBBiH.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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