From a Refugee from BiH to the Prominent World Famous Artist

Paco RosicA refugee from BiH Paco Rosic has become a world-famous aerosol artist after he painted a replica of the Sistine Chapel in Waterloo. Now he finished another impressive work that occupies almost 100 square meters.

With the gas mask on his face, he is standing on the scaffold for hours and using large amounts of cans with paint and sprays to paint the history of St. Louis on the ceiling and walls of the building close to Budweiser.

Rosic’s work represents the path from the formation of the city along the Mississippi River in the mid-1700’s through World’s Fair to the development of the cult sports teams and beer factories.

“I want it to look like you are looking in the book of St. Louis, just as if you threw pages that talk about the different phases in the ceiling,” said Rosic.

The artist revealed that he barely managed to finish the project in time for the public to see it. Now he is searching for objects in which he could paint the history of other American cities like Chicago, New York, and Washington.

Rosic’s path to America was long and hard. He was born in BiH and he experienced the war in 1992. He had to move from his house to a safer place. His house was burned down, and all the money was robbed. While the shells were falling, Rosic was learning to draw.

He had his first exhibition in a hospital full of children who have been wounded in the war. He painted birds on the wall as a symbol of hope, which will be able to escape from violence one day. He was only 12 years old when he and his family fled to Germany. He was introduced with graffiti there. He learned to paint by practicing with the best street artists and he was drawing on buildings, tunnels, and trains.

When the war in BiH ended, he moved to the United States. The process of accommodation in Waterloo was not easy, but he continued dealing with art. His great work by which he became famous is the Sistine Chapel on the ceiling and walls of the building in Waterloo. There are more than 400 characters in the story.


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