Viskovic announced a Russian Investment worth 75 million BAM

On Friday, at the end of his visit to St. Petersburg, the Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska (RS), Radovan Viskovic, agreed with the management of the company “SPG Gazprom” on the establishment of a joint venture that will be responsible for the project of construction of a natural gas liquefaction plant in Zvornik, which is an investment worth 75 million BAM.

“This means that RS will get another investment in the field of gas with Russian partners. At the meeting, we defined certain details which we need to harmonize in order to start the investment as soon as possible, ” told Viskovic.

According to him, the development of the preliminary project is in progress and its realization is expected very soon.

Further, he noted that they discussed the continuation of cooperation with the company “SPG Gazprom”, with the aim of building a natural gas liquefaction plant in Zvornik.

“Our partners have provided land in Zvornik, on which the construction of this plant is planned, and it is an investment worth 75 million BAM,” Viskovic stated, Biznis Info writes.

”The meeting discussed the agreement signed in 2017 with this company which deals with the development of projects for liquefaction of natural gas, ” it was announced by the Government’s Public Relations Office.

During his visit to St. Petersburg, Viskovic talked with the governor of this area, Alexander Beglov, and also with the management of the company “Luding”.

Viskovic and the RS delegation began a visit to St. Petersburg on Monday (September 6th).

”The delegation of RS, besides Viskovic, also included the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management Boris Pasalic, director of “Elektroprivreda” Luka Petrovic, director of “GasRS” company Ljubo Glamocic, president of the Chamberof Commerce of RS Pero Coric, president of the Union of Employers Sasa Trivic, director of winery “Jungic” Marijana Jungic, and the director of the company “Petroprojekt” Dalibor Petrovic, ” as the Srna agency reported.

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