BiH on the red Lists of Austria and Germany

The worsening epidemiological situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has put our country on the red list of Germany and Austria.

The Austrian Ministry of Health has drafted a new regulation on epidemiological measures, which puts BiH, as well as all other countries in the Western Balkans, on the “red list”.

Together with Serbia and other countries in the Western Balkans, the United States (U.S.), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Israel, Japan, and Thailand have also been removed from the list of countries with low epidemiological risk.

From now on, it is possible to enter Austria from these countries only with a certificate of full immunization. Only Uruguay, which until recently was among the countries where the new strain was spreading, was put on the “green list”.

Namely, the Regulation brought another novelty, and that is the extension of the vaccination period from 9 to 12 months. Until now, there was a rule that a person is treated as vaccinated for 9months from receiving the second dose, and from now on that period is extended to 360 days.

The new regulation, according to the ministry, should be published next week, before the entry into force of the new epidemiological measures, which were announced for Wednesday, and which envisage restrictions primarily for thoseunvaccinated.

It is important to mention that from September 15th, the measures will be tightened on the basis of capacity in the intensive care department.

Germany introduced the same measure for BiH.

“BiH is severely affected by the KOVID-19 virus. The latest development is that the number of newly infected people has greatly increased, which is why BiH is assessed as a high-risk country starting from September 12th, 2021, ” it is stated in the explanation, BHRT writes.


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