Mufid Memija: Balkans and BiH are Decimals in the Foreign Policy of the United States

memija-mufidLongtime BH journalist and analyst of foreign policy events, Mufid Memija, while answering questions ahead of the elections in the United States, said that he looks at the campaign of candidates for president of that country with a significant dose of existential anxiety, since the outcome of the US presidential election, directly or indirectly, affects the life of each man in the modern humanity.

“Since the United States are the leading country in all categories of power: politics, weaponry, economics, technology … And in today’s, interdependent world, there is no isolated oasis,” he said.

Asked what can be expected in case of victory of Hillary Clinton, and what if Donald Trump wins the election, Memija said that these are probably the presidential election with the highest risk in current political history of the United States.

“On the elections for the officially highest executive power in the globally most powerful country in the world, are competing two completely different personalities. Donald Trump is just showing off his incompetence and inauthenticity. It is a frightening that such a man could become supreme commander of technically best-equipped armies of the world, and that nuclear codes might end up in his hands, that he might appoint Supreme Court judges, propose legislation, define the guidelines of the American foreign policy etc.” he said.

On the other hand, there is no doubt of understanding of the spirit of international relations and political tact of Hillary Clinton’s, but many people take her political credibility and personal profile of character with reserve.

“Hence the fear that in the White House, after all, will sit a wrong person,” said Memija.

When asked how he sees America and the world in case of victory of Donald Trump, Memija shortly replied: “I sincerely hope that neither one of us will see it on Wednesday.”

On the other hand, he considers that Balkans, and BiH, in US foreign policy “have the importance of a decimal in the account.”

“Therefore, after the 8th of November we will be where we are now. Whoever wins on the US Democratic Presidential elections will bring policy in line with the interests of the military-industrial complex, oil and pharmaceutical transnationals, GMO lobby … In this regard, a new tenant of the White house, will follow the same paradigm as her / his predecessors: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama … mutatis mutandis, as well as all previous presidents of the United States, from George Washington onwards,” said Mufid Memija.

(Source: klix.ba)

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