Museum of Crimes against Humanity: The Exhibits are Witnesses of Crimes against Bosniaks (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] Dummy of a murdered baby discovered in a mass grave, photo of exhumed pregnant women from the camp Suha near Bratunac, who was killed in the eight month of pregnancy with one bullet in the stomach where was her baby, personal belongings of some of the inmates, the objects found in the graves… These are only some of the horrible details that can be seen during the visit to the Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide 1992-1995 in Sarajevo.

“These are the original photos from the mass graves during the exhumation. You can see the exhumation of mass grave Tomasica, then a mass grave near Bratunac, Suha, in which was found 9 children. From this grave was exhumed the 20-year old Zekira Begic, who was 8 months pregnant when she was killed by members of the Army of RS. The photo shows baby’s undeveloped head, fingers and feet. The woman was killed with a single bullet in the abdomen area,” says the host, Nermin Ljutic.

There are many exhibits in the museum such as pliers that were used for pulling off genitals of the inmates. There is even a personal piece of work of Chetniks in one of the camps, which was consisted of a bundle of twisted wires which they used to beat the prisoners.

One of the heartbreaking scenes is realistic representation of a mass grave. Personal belongings of killed Bosniaks are peaking from the ground, which were given to the Museum by their families.

“Here is the area that was also known as “solitary confinement” and where you can see two human figures in positions in which they were punished in solitary confinements. Not far from them are the traces of torture, blood, a plate on the floor etc. Finally, I must say that the museum is opened in order to never forget the crimes that were committed against Bosniaks during the aggression against our country,for the future generations to have the opportunity to learn from history. That is why this museum is much needed and it is our desire that more children come to visit us, stated Ljutic.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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