Bosniak Representatives in the Government of the RS tomorrow about the Referendum

Ramiz SalkicIn the organization of the Vice President of BH entity of the RS, Ramiz Salkic, tomorrow will be held a meeting of the Coordination of Bosniak political representatives in the government of this entity.

At the meeting are expected deputies of the Club “Domovina” in the Assembly of the RS, the Bosniak Caucus in the Council of Peoples of the RS, and elected and appointed Bosniak representatives from this entity.

Vice President of the RS, Ramiz Salkic, stated earlier that Bosniak officials have the response on the decision on holding the referendum in the RS on the 9th of January as the Day of the RS, since that is, according to him, the most drastic threat to peace and stability in BiH since the end of the war.

“This will not go the way the President of RS intended,” said Salkic.

The fact that the decision regarding the referendum was “expressly” published in the “Official Gazette of RS” proves, according to him, earlier warnings of Bosniak officials that all of this was already staged and planned and that the Constitutional Court of the RS is part of the politics of Milorad Dodik, as well as the National Assembly and the Government of RS and that this judicial instance does not work according to the law, as it is normal everywhere else in the world.”

(Source: klix.ba)

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