Muslims in B&H marking Yawmu-Ashura Today

Ashura Day 2015 radiosarajevo.baWith appropriate speeches, mawlids, dhikrs and fasting, Muslims will mark Yawmu Ashura (Ashura Day) today in their homes, mosques and tekkes. According to the takwim of the Islamic community in B&H, the Ashura Day is on 10th Muharram of 1437 Hijri Year or October 23, 2015 according to the Gregorian calendar.

According to numerous traditions and hadiths, special historical events of spiritual and social character are related with this day. It is the day in which Allah the Almighty lowered great graces to His chosen ones, the prophets.

This day is also marked by the Christians and the Jews.

Ashura Day is also known as the “Eid of the Prophets” among the Muslims, since Allah the Almighty bestowed various honours to numerous prophets on this day – Adam was forgiven, Noah disembarked the ship on the hill of Dzudijj, Yunus was thrown out of the whale’s bowel, Moses got saved from the pharaoh by passing across the sea, Abraham was born on this day and sacrifice was lowered to him in exchange for this son, Yusuf was returned to his father Jacob, Eyob recovered, Isaiah was born on this day and ascended on this day, while an ayah was descended to Muhammad in which Allah the Almighty notifies him that he has been forgiven everything he had done and everything he will do in the future.

Ashura also has a social dimension which includes the making of Ashura dish, similar to compote, but made of different granular fruits, dried fruits, and spices. According to the tradition in B&H, it is common to put between 7 and 77 ingreadients in Ashura. This dish is being shared with neighbours and family, and it is also good for health since the contemporary principles of nutrition recommend such type of meal.

Even the Gazi Husrev-Bey commisioned Ashura, so the imaret in Sarajevo prepared it for the mosque officials and the citizens, especially the poor ones, which is a tradition that still lives.

Prophet Muhammad said that “whoever provides his family on the Day of Ashura will be provided by Allah for the entire year”.

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