Government of FB&H changed the Decree about the Daily Turnover

Amendments to Turnover Provision nap.baThe Government of FB&H yesterday changed and amended the Decree on conditions and methods of cash payments.

One of the amendments refers to the article 8, according to which the business entities are obliged to pay their daily turnover, achieved by performing the registered activity, to their account opened at an authorized organization no later than the next working day.

Now the content of this article has been expanded so that, exceptionally, businesses whose daily turnover of money does not exceed 200 BAM or are 15 or more kilometres distant from the authorized organization are bound to deposit cash no later than within five working days and the organizers of the games of chance, in accordance with the regulation which stipulates the organization of games of chance, are obliged to pay the money for the past seven days, closing with Sunday, no later than the next Tuesday.

In case the daily inflow of cash is achieved on Friday, next Monday is considered the next working day. A novelty is also the decree according to which the payment of cash on the account at authorized organizations and the cash register management do not refer to businessmen who pay the income tax in the lump sum.

In addition to other amendments, a provision was also added according to which it is banned to pay and charge products in cash in wholesale, announced the Government of the FB&H.

(Source: photo nap)

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