My Dreams are broken down, but I want to create an even stronger National Team!

bazdarevic2Coach of the BH national football team Mehmed Baždarević was sad and disappointed after the defeat by Ireland in Dublin, and he highlighted that he wants to create an even stronger national team in the future.

“I am disappointed. I am sorry for our fans; they’ve deserved a lot more. However, that’s football. We weren’t at the expected level, but life goes on. In the coming period we must be even better and more powerful, and learn something from all of this,” Meša said.

At a press conference, Meša said at one moment: “I would like to say that I will stop working”. Some people have interpreted that as him probably leaving, but the coach explained it all.

“My dreams have broken down after the match. What I said then refers to the situation that I would rather leave football profession. When you get this close and don’t finish the job, it is normal that you get disappointed. However, after a night of sleep, when impressions settle, you realize that you have to get out of everything even stronger.  We have all failed in the past two matches and such things must never happen again. The national team is sanctity and relation towards the national team position must be at maximum level. I believe that we can fix certain things in the coming time,” Baždarević said.

Head of the national team said he is traveling to France today.

“Situation in the country where I live with my family is emergent. In the next two or three days I am coming to Sarajevo together with my family,” Baždarević concluded.


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