Nadir Hajro got a Visa for the USA: Thanks everyone, I am happy and Preparations continue

Nadir Hajro Bodybuilder mocznanja.baNadir Hajro from Sarajevo, the only bodybuilder in B&H with cerebral palsy, was finally approved a visa for the USA.

Namely, Nadir was initially denied the visa on the grounds that he might stay in the USA. The truth is, Nadir Hajro wants to participate at the bodybuilders’ competition Arnold Classic which is to be held on March 5.

However, yesterday in the afternoon hours Nadir was contacted by the US Embassy in Sarajevo and received great news – the visa is approved.

“I am very happy. Thanks, everyone. I can continue with preparations in peace,” Nadir said after receiving the news.

The Minister of Civil Affairs of B&H Adil Osmanović yesterday promised to help Nadir.


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