Nermina Lukač received best actress award in Sweden

Prestigious award for best actress of Sweden for 2012 went to Nermina Lukač for starring in the film ‘Eat Sleep Die’ (Äta sova dö ) directed by Gabriela Pichler, and she received the award in Stockholm.

Film talks about immigrants who came to Sweden from BiH. In one of the convoys that came to Sweden was the Lukač family. In that film Nermina is the main protagonist and she tries to overcome the segregated society, but also by living an unrepeatable life.

‘ I’m very happy’ – said Lukač at the reception.

Nermina grew in Nyvang, went to school for free activity teacher, and on the proposal of the parents, she signed for a film audition. As a child she dreamt of becoming a policewoman or a fire fighter.

Nonetheless, she also watched films, and how films affect people’s faces, and when her family would sit in front of TV, she would watch their faces, and all the emotions were written on them.

‘And that’s exactly what Nermina is good at, to bring emotion of the film and the main protagonist to faces of the audience’ , said Gunnar Bergdahl, head of culture of Helsingborg dagbladet, who also presented the award to Nermina Lukač in the theatre in Helsingborg.

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