New Bridge and joint Border Crossing between BiH and Serbia opened

The newly built “Bratoljub” bridge between Bratunac and Ljubovija and the joint border crossing between Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Serbia was officially opened yesterday.

Vojin Mitrovic, the Minister of Communications and Transport in the Council of Ministers, and Aleksandar Vulin, the Ministerof Internal Affairs of Serbia ceremoniously opened the bridge.

The opening was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska (RS), Radovan Viskovic, the Minister of Internal Affairs of RS, Dragan Lukac, representatives of the municipalities of the middle Podrinje, political, economic, and cultural life, as well as a large number of citizens.

RS Government financed the construction of the access road to the border crossing near “Bratoljub”.

The completion of the construction of the bridge, which was blocked by the previous convocation of the Council of Ministers, was one of the first decisions of the chairman of the current convocation of the Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija.

After that, activities were started on the construction of a joint border crossing and a customs terminal between BiH and Serbia on the left side of the Drina, in the RS.

The new border crossing will be a joint location of the customs and police authorities of BiH and Serbia, the first of its kind in our region.



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