New Deadline for Completion of Hotel Marriott in Mostar


After more than eight months of halt, the construction of the Hotel Ruza, one of the pre-war symbols of Mostar, which was privatized two decades ago, will revive by the end of January.

Thus, it is increasingly likely that the Government of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton will give Emir Keco, the buyer of Ruza, a new annex, the tenth one, with a final deadline for completion of works.

According to the previous annex, Keco was obliged to finish the works by September 30th, but due to lack of money, this did not happen, writes Dnevni Avaz.

As confirmed by the Cantonal Privatization Agency, Keco informed them about the start of work in the final part of the construction of the 32,000-square-foot facility, which is being built under a franchise agreement signed in mid-2016 with the prestigious Marriott hotel chain.

So far, as stated in the Agency, almost 90% of the work has been done, with 72 million BAM invested.

Construction Manager, Esved Dugalic, told that the works are being done at full speed.

“Final works, such as ceramic, glass, gypsum and locksmith are ongoing. More than two thirds of construction and craft works have been done. Soon it comes to equipping and expensive furniture, “ Dugalic emphasizes.

There are 150 workers every day on the construction site, and the number of workers, according to Dugalic, will be increased as time passes. Apart from that, the initial look of the project is upgraded with innovative details, in accordance with the demands of the designer and the world’s largest hotel chain Marriott.

The Hotel Marriott in Mostar will be a five-star hotel with an area of ​​more than 27.000 square meters. There will be 182 rooms and suites, seven different restaurants, three different bars, meeting rooms, concert hall, pool at the top of the hotel, spa center, underground garage… and all that is right next to the Old Bridge. The hotel will be, by the quality of its materials and equipment, and its facilities, capacity and services it provides, one of the most luxurious in the Balkans.




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