Newly-built Gradiska Customs Terminal to be opened Today


The newly-built Gradiska Customs Terminal will be opened on Monday, January 27, when it will begin operations. The new terminal will facilitate the functioning of the part of the city where the customs terminal is currently located, where there are constant roadblocks due to a large number of trucks that cannot fit into the existing terminal but are parked in the surrounding streets, was confirmed by Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Indirect Taxation Authority.

Moving to a new location, all trucks will be located at the new location outside the city from the arrival at the customs terminal until the completion of the customs clearance process.

The full function of the new border crossing in Gradiska will be possible only after the construction of a new bridge on the Sava River.

The construction of the bridge, which has been waiting for almost 16 years, is proceeding as planned, Nezavisne Novine reports.

The city administration said that the opening of a new customs terminal for the local population was relatively good news and would bring displacement from the city to the suburban neighborhood, eKapija reports.

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