News from Vispak: “Laganini Panna Cotta“ and “Laganini Tiramisu“

Laganini VISPAKBH Food Industry Vispak d.d. launched two new brands of powdered products Laganini Panna Cotta and Tiramisu to the market, as announced from this company.

New Vispak’s brand of powdered products under a unique name Laganini, was introduced in 2013- The most recognizable at the market are Laganini pudding and whipped cream. It has been explained from Vispak that, in the first five months of this year of the sales of this product, a recorded sales of this product was as for the whole 2012 year.

It is interesting that besides pudding and whipped cream, all Laganini products, such as whipped creams ice creams and baking powders contributed to the increase of realization.

“We succeeded to impose the new brand and a distinctive quality. We remained favorable when it comes to the cost, so we attracted a significant number of new customers. In a direct communication with customers that we achieve as at the point of sale, as well as on the Facebook page Laganini cuda cini, we have noticed a positive reactions to Laganini products, and what we strive to honor it further with gifts“, said Head of Marketing and Sales of Vispak, Armina Hodzic.

A distribution of new Vispak‘s tastes at the domestic market started yesterday, and it is interesting that Vispak novelties were already exported to the market of Macedonia, which is, after B&H, the best market of Laganini brand. Besides this country, Laganini is being exported to Slovenia, Croatia, USA, Australia, France, Hungary and Switzerland.


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