Next week, a Liter of Gasoline in B&H will cost around 1.80 BAM

fuel2 (2)Starting from Monday next week, it will come to a sharp decrease of the price of oil in B&H, said Vahida Crnalic from the Ministry of Commerce of FB&H.

“After a record drop in the price of oil on the world market, we will have a cheaper oil on B&H market starting from next week as well. We will have much lower prices of oil in B&H from Monday or Tuesday,” said Crnalic.

She emphasized that this is almost a record drop in the price of oil in the world, as well as in B&H.

“We received around 100 to 150 requests the previous day for the reduction of the price of oil. The new prices, which will come into effect from the beginning of next week, are from 1, 65 BAM to 1, 75 BAM for diesel, while gasoline will cost around 1.80 BAM” confirmed Crnalic.

Anyway, the price of oil was reduced yesterday on the world market and analysts believe that the market will be oversupplied in 2016.

The price of crude oil “Brent” fell by 56 cents to 39.17 USD per barrel, which is the lowest price in the past seven years. In New York, price for light sweet crude oil fell by 41 cents and it now amounts to 36.35 USD per barrel.



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