Nigerians to Send Scouts to the Match of B&H Representation

repkaThe Nigerian football representation will send scouts at the match that the B&H representation will play in the tournament “The road to Brazil”. The match will be held in the USA, ahead of the World Championship in Brazil.

Nigerians want to know all about the B&H representation before these two teams meet on 21 June, at the group phase of the World Championship in a match that could decide the fate of both teams.

The trainer of “Super Eagles” Stephen Keshi wants to understand the football techniques of Safet Sušić and that is why Nigerians will attend the tournament “the road to Brazil”, which will be played from 29 May until 7 June, announced the agency.

Secretary General of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Musa Amado recently has announced that the federation wants to do a complete espionage of all the rivals from the group. It is expected that their scouts would attend the match, where the “Dragons” will play against Obala Slonovače, on 30 May in St. Louis (USA).

The representation of B&H, the same as Nigeria, will send its people in preparation matches of the rivals from the group.

It is expected that the scouts of the B&H Football Federation would convey information to Sušić from the match that Nigeria plays against Greece, on 3 June in the USA.

(Source: Fena)

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