Nijaz Hastor gave the Best Offer for taking over the Slovenian Cimos

hastor2Slovenian factory of car parts Cimos, which is employing 7,000 workers in 4 countries of the former Yugoslavia, announced a public tender for strategic partner, and the company Prevent from Sarajevo, participated and gave the best offer.

One of the leading private employers in B&H, the owner the Prevent Holding from Sarajevo Nijaz Hastor, joined the race for taking over of the Slovenian Cimos, a leading producer of car parts in the former Yugoslavia. Moreover, Hastor is already mentioned as the most likely new owner of Cimos, since he offered the highest price on public tender for expression of the interest in taking over Cimos.

Hastor’s offer was evaluated as the best since this Sarajevo businessman offered 20 million EUR more than the rival from Italy.

In fact, the public tender that was published by the Koper company, received 5 offers in total, however three were eliminated at the very beginning because they were incomplete, so the creditors of Cimos will consider only two offers: one that came from Italy and other that came from Sarajevo. Offer of the Sarajevo businessman is superior in every way, especially in terms of price, which owners of Slovenian company are interested the most.


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