Multi-Million Investment at the locality of Rostovo in Bugojno

Sports-Tourist Complex at Rostovo klix.baConstruction of a modern sports-tourist complex worth between eight and ten million EUR is to start soon at the locality of Rostovo in Bugojno.

In the first stage of the project, a sports hall with the capacity of 810 seats will be constructed and the job was entrusted to the company “Širbegović” from Gračanica.

Realization of the project will start already in November, and the hall should be put into operation on June 15, 2016.

“The contract will be signed in Doha, where other deadlines of the construction of the future sports-tourist complex will be specified”, said the project coordinator and handball coach in Qatar Asim Šahman.

According to Šahman, the hall should be ready to host the first sports teams from Qatar, Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries already in late June.

“Athletes will be able to prepare for upcoming competitions here, in great conditions. The hall will meet all the standards of the International Handball Federation (IHF), thereby matches of the national teams and clubs will be played there”, Šahman highlighted.

The project “Biser Rostova” (The Pearl of Rostovo) of the namesake company which has been founded three months ago was presented in the cabinet of the Mayor of Bugojno Hasan Ajkunić.

“I am sure that the realization of this project will open the doors to new investments in our city. I am proud of the City Council and the citizens, because they support projects which will ensure a better development of the municipality”, the Maxor Ajkunić pointed out.

This sports-tourist complex at Rostovo is intended to have three sports halls, one four-star hotel, a football field, and all other related amenities.

The realization of this project will create conditions for hiring between 50 and 60 workers.


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