“Nikola Tesla” Company Looking for 3.000 Employees

pakistani-textile-industry3The company “Nikola Tesla” in Banja Luka, which is conducting a strategic development program of the textile industry in the RS, announced that the first production facility will open in Bileći on 16 May when 200 workers for the first shift will receive their work books

“On the opening day 200 employees will receive a work book for the first shift, the ones who have successfully completed the training. After that, within a short time there will be further employment for 200 employees for the second shift’’, according to a statement.

This company also called on those interested for employment in the textile industry to register no later than 10 May at the local commission in Foča, Rogatica, Novo Goražde, Rudo, Kalinovik, Čajniča and Višegrad.

A call was issued to determine whether the preconditions exist for the realization of the second cluster of the textile industry of 3.000 employees in these municipalities.

“Nikola Tesla” company announced that the operational implementation of the project in Trebinje, Ljubinja, Nevesinje, Berkovići and Doboj is underway, where more than 2.000 people will be employed.

The press release notes that these projects do not nearly meet the needs of the German industry, and thus they are gathering a database in municipalities of Foča, Rogatica, Kalinovik, Rudo, Novo Goražde, Čajniče and Višegrad.

“If we find that there are plenty of interested staff, next year we will begin with the realization of the second cluster of 3.000 employees’’, said the press release.

Those who are interested from the textile and other areas can contact the public calls.

The application centers are in Foča, Rogatica, Rudo and Kalinovik in the municipal buildings.

The application center in Novo Goražde is found on the premises of the company “Arhitekt”, and in Višegrad in the multiplex Andrićgrad.

The documents are available in all municipalities from 8:00-14:00.

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