Nina Badrić at My Face on March 8

1058776_1120963654621256_1224932636_nTo the joy of her numerous fans in Sarajevo, especially among women, Nina badrić will treat all ladies with a performance at the club My Face on Wilson’s Promenade on Tuesday, March 8, the International Women’s Day.

After a long time, the attractive Croatian pop singer will perform in the capital of BiH and she is preparing a special repertoire. As she wrote on her Facebook page, she is expecting to meet again her dear audience in Sarajevo with anticipation and great joy.

Sarajevo is the soul of the world for me. I love that city so much. There I have experienced all the most beautiful things that I will remember as long as I live. That city has a special energy and I have a lot of friends there. I always come to Sarajevo with joy and I do not know a single person who does not love Sarajevo, as well as people who live there. Sarajevo is an inspiration for all of us artists. It recharges my soul. I do not expect it to be different this time. I am waiting for you all,” Nina wrote on her official Facebook profile.

Badrić has won the Porin award several times and she is currently working on her new album. Apart from Sarajevo, she is planning numerous other concerts throughout the region.


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