No information on the Suspension of the Supply of Russian Gas to B&H

energoinvestIn Energoinvest Ltd. Sarajevo, which is the only importer of gas in B&H, are stating that there is no official information on the suspension of the supply of Russian gas to our country.

“Our company has signed agreement with the Russian gas supplier Gazprom Export LLC for supply of natural gas to B&H and that contract is currently in effect. The contract with Gazprom is extended by annexes annually, which is exactly the occasion why representatives of Energoinvest are planning to travel to Russia next week in order to arrange the delivery of gas for 2016,” as announced from the Department of Public Relations of Energoinvest.

On Wednesday, the media reported that the Russian gas giant Gazprom suspended gas supplies to Ukraine because Kiev had not paid the advance. The Russian news agency TAS quoted the statement of Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller that Gazprom will suspend gas supplies to Ukraine until the payment of the new advance. Miller said that “the refusal of Ukraine to buy Russian gas, brings into question the transit of gas to Europe through Ukraine as well as supply of consumers in Ukraine.”

The fact is, as stated from Energoinvest Ltd, that B&H does not have its own gas storage facility thus it is unable to store the gas, which are dependent on a regular supply of natural gas from the Russian Federation.

“If they close Russian gas to Ukraine, Energoinvest will try to find another supplier in the market,” state from the company.


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