A Campaign “Recognize Domestic-Be Proud-Made in B&H“ presented

ditaIn front of around twenty domestic producers and distributors from the area of Tuzla Canton(TC), the Prime Minister of TC, Bego Gutic, and the director of the agency “Koloseum“ from Tuzla, Zlatko Berbic, presented yesterday a media campaign “Recognize Domestic-Be Proud-Made in B&H“.

Although the Government cannot finance from the budget this type of a campaign, the Prime Minister and members of the Government, accepted the role to support such activities in other ways.

“Government is giving a full support to the realization of this media campaign and our wish is to, in its framework, see as much domestic producers as possible, primarily from the area of our canton. All of us have to be aware that by the purchase of domestic instead of imported products, we are strengthening our producers, our economy and we are directly helping them to develop themselves and open new workplaces. In contrast, by the purchase of any imported product, we are sending our money somewhere else and we are helping producers of which we in B&H have not any help“, emphasized he Prime Minister Gutic on this occasion.

He added that the Government recently adopted formal recommendations in which it invited all cantonal institutions and persons, who are receiving their salaries from the budget of Tuzla Canton to, in accordance with the legal possibilities, prefer the purchase and use of domestic products.

Reactions of numerous representatives of domestic companies are more than positive, Many of them immediately supported this activity and expressed their readiness to actively participate in the realization of this campaign.

“The largest BH retail chain Bingo, joined this campaign primarily because in this campaign, unlike many similar ones, we saw a space for us to directly help a better sales of domestic goods“, said the spokeswomen of Bingo, Tatjana Paunoska.


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