Numerous Advantages of the Construction of Block 7 of TPP Tuzla

There is a consensus that the construction of the Block 7 of Thermal Power Plant Tuzla is necessary for the stability of the power system in BiH, and the works should begin in the month of September this year.

The Prime Minister of the FBiH, Fadil Novalic, said that there are numerous advantages of the construction of this block, and they include ecological advantages, savings of coal and new workplaces.

According to the prime minister, the power plant system that we have now is unsustainable because they are around 40 years old.

Besides the ecological aspect, there are also savings because less than a third of the coal is consumed for the same amount of electricity, which results in the survival of the economy.

“The economy that is very important in the Canton Tuzla – the economy of coal and electricity, will survive, although it has been labelled as undesirable, but we cannot be without it. Thermal power plants are being constructed in Germany, Poland, Greece, and even in Sweden,” stated Novalic.

According to Prime Minister Novalic, Tuzla or Canton Tuzla could have the new thermal block in around five years.


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