Which numerous Novelties will Sarajevo Taxi Drivers soon introduce?

Sarajevo citizens who use taxi services will soon be able to pay for this service with bank cards, and they will also have wireless internet during their drive. Also, instead of trying to order a taxi with a phone call for a few minutes, they can do so now via the “MojTaxi” app on the smartphones.

As Enver Suljagic, President of the Sarajevo Taxi Association said, negotiations with partners regarding the realization of these projects are in progress. A card payment will be made at the taxi driver’s account. Taxi drivers are satisfied with innovations, especially the “MojTaxi” app, which involves more than 600 vehicles.

“We are surprised in a positive way that the application was welcomed with enthusiasm. The younger population and tourists are using only the application, while our older, faithful customers continue to do so by phone. We serve both systems, since the Central of Sarajevo taxi is now 10 times more offloaded. In one minute, via the app you can get more than 100 vehicles, “ said Suljagic.

He said that they invested a lot of time and money in this application, together with a partner BH Telecom, but they have decided to provide it to all taxi associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) so that they can also have a good service.

“This application will increase the safety of drivers and service users. Everything is tracked from the Sarajevo taxi center and soon we will cover the whole BiH. Nobody will be able to take someone’s else drive, but everyone will work where they are registered, and the positive thing is that, when they drive in a longer routes, we will monitor it the whole time, which increases the driver’s safety, “ Suljagic said.

He emphasized that the taxi service in BiH is down and it could disappear, so these innovations are trying to improve the taxi service quality not only in the Canton Sarajevo, but throughout BiH.



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