Old Watermills hide Hundred Years Old Stories and Legends

During the previous week, big snow has covered major part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, making a real winter idyll.

Photographers cannot miss the amazing scenes of nature and cities in white, and the same case was with photographer Sead Pracic, who made a photo of water mills covered by snow.

As a witness to some of the past times, as the author of photography by Sead Pracic says the old water mill in settlement of Kute is hiding hundred years old story that can only be heard from older generations.

“These unusual examples of the reconciliation of nature and man have been stored in boxes of nostalgic stories about that time, still provoking the admiration of all those who accidentally or deliberately pass beside them,” says Pracic for news portal.

Several decades ago, almost every family in BiH had their water mill that was used for grinding wheat. However, today, the watermills are no longer in function, but they stood as witnesses of the past times and are admiration to many tourists.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, watermills were functional until the end of 1970s.

(Source: klix, photo Sead Pracic)

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