One Member of BiH Border Police sentenced to over One Year in Prison

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced a judgment in the case of Đorđe Bogdanović finding the accused Đorđe Bogdanović guilty of commission of the criminal offense of Accepting Gifts and Oher Forms of Benefit under Article 217(1) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CC BiH). For the referenced criminal offense, the Court sentenced the accused to imprisonment for a term of one (1) year and four (4) months.

The proceeds of crime in the amount of EUR 50, that is, its counter value in convertible marks pursuant to the middle exchange rate of the BiH Central Bank, shall be confiscated.

The accused Đorđe Bogdanović also received a security measure-prohibition from performing the duties of a police officer in the BiH Border Police for a term of three (3) years after the judgment finality. The time the accused spent serving the prison sentence shall be credited towards the term of the imposed security measure.

The accused Đorđe Bogdanović has been found guilty because, on 2 May 2019, while performing the tasks and duties of an authorized official-police officer of the BiH Border Police at the „Rača“ border crossing between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, he requested and received a benefit for him in order to perform what he should not perform within his office

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