One Year since the Expiration of the Deadline set by ECtHR for Removing of the Church built on Fata Orlovic’s Property

Today, 1st April, marks exactly one year since the expiration of the deadline set by European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) for removing of the church built on Fata Orlovic’s property. Justice for Fata Orlović was long awaited, and the implementation of the binding decision by ECtHR in her favor is now long overdue.

“I want to see justice served and Fata Orlovic respected for her trouble of a long and exhausting legal battle. At her advanced age, Fata Orlovic does not deserve further disrespect by the authorities of Republika Srpska, but rather the immediate and full application of justice,” said High Representative Valentin Inzko.

As the rule of law is a crucial tenet of the GFAP, the High Representative will refer to this and other cases in his next report to the United Nations Security Council as yet another instance of total disregard for the enforcement of court decisions.

“Not words or statements, but the level of implementation of court decisions of both domestic and international courts is an important indicator of the respect for the rule of law in any democratic society. Sadly, indicators for Bosnia and Herzegovina are very unfavorable,“ concluded High Representative Inzko.

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