Opening of “The House of Crafts” Tomorrow – The History of Sarajevo Craftsmen Under A Roof

kuca_zanata“The House of crafts” is a multi -functional center with the purpose of promoting and preserving the precious traditional crafts that for centuries defined Sarajevo and its history.

“The House of crafts” has a double role: educational and promotional. This center through its educational function will encourage the transfer of skills from experienced craftsmen to the younger generations and the establishment of cooperation between craftsmen and modern designers to jointly explore the new ways of integrating traditional motives and symbols into modern design. As a promotional role, “The House of crafts” will have a program promoting traditional crafts to the local population as well as to tourists and visitors of Sarajevo.

This unique museum will try to give to visitors an insight into the skills of craft making inherited and improved through many generations.

“The House of crafts” in Sarajevo is one of the activities under the project “Development of cultural tourism in Mostar, Sarajevo and Skopje” implemented by the international NGO Oxfam under the program SeeNet in cooperation with local partners, Municipality Stari Grad Sarajevo, Canton Sarajevo, City of Sarajevo, and local artisans.

(Source: Fena)


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