Opera ”Alma” at the National Theater Sarajevo

”Alma” an opera by our B&H composer Jasmin Osmanagić will have its second performance on the 11th January 2013 at the National Theater Sarajevo. Opera ”Alma” is a one act opera that shows Sarajevo between two wars in the 1930’s.

This opera also represents the merge of cultural differences and similarities. As the composer and author of the text of this opera said himself, the opera is an unusual but functional merge of modern music and traditional B&H ”sevdah” music. The guiding theme of the opera is the traditional song entitled ”Kad ja pođoh aman”.

Opera ”Alma” tells the story of Alibeg and his daughter Alma who lived in the Abdesthana Street, not far away from his craft shop. This is also the story of the young and misunderstood artist Alma.

The costume designer and director of this opera is Ferid Karajica, and the conductor of the opera is Dario Vučić. The character of the main protagonist Alma is played by Aida Čorbadžić.

The opera ”Alma” scheduled for the 11th  January 2013, will start at 19:30 p.m.

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