Orjen Mountain: The Landscape you don’t get to see often

Orjen is the highest mountain of sub-Adriatic Dinara Mountain range. It is located on the border between BiH, Montenegro and Croatia. It is a waterless and rocky mountain, known for the largest amount of annual rainfall in Europe.

Winters are about 5 months long and the snow cover stays until the month of May, and it can be up to 3 meters high, although it is a mountain along the Adriatic coast.

The mountain is rich in whitebark pine, beech forests and some undescribed species such as mountain maple, peony etc.

Climbers from Sarajevo and some other cities visited Orjen Mountain this weekend, within the expedition organized by the PSD Energoinvest Sarajevo.

On the first day, they visited the highest peak of Orjen, Zubacki Kabao on 1894 meter of altitude, by the route of Dobri Dol. The climb was very hard due to the long rock creeps and shifting stones, sharp rocks, couple of cutting rocks and strong wind which made the movement along the ridge very hard. A total of 32 mountain climbers have climbed this challenging peak.

After overnight stay in the home of Tuli, where the host were very kind mountaineers from Mountaineering Club (MC) “Vučji Zub” from Trebinje, they climbed on the top of Velika Jastrebica at 1865 meter of altitude on Sunday. A few adventurous hikers climbed at the top of Vučiji zub, which is recommended to only more experienced hikers.

Views of the Adriatic Sea, Peljesac, Dubrovnik, Prenj, Zelengora, Maglic, Durmitor, Prokletije, Lovcen, and Boka Kotorska are not seen often. Characteristically for the period of fall, the forests took on vivid colors. With that being said, we are recommending everyone to visit the Orjen Mountain especially in this period of the year.

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