Over 2,000 Health Workers continue Protest in Mostar

The meeting between the representatives of the Trade Union of Health Workers and the Government of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNC) lasted for an hour and a half, and it was agreed that negotiations on signing the Collective Agreement would start as soon as possible.

The end of this health story could be near. Yesterday morning, just before 8 a.m., representatives of the union came in front of the HNC government for a meeting to which they never received an official invitation. At around 9.30 a.m., they received an official letter scheduling a meeting at 10.30 a.m.

The meeting lasted for an hour and a half and was attended by Prime Minister Nevenko Herceg and Minister of Health Goran Opsenica, and on behalf of the union Ivica Anic, president of the Union of the University Clinical Hospital (SKB) Mostar.

Ivica Anic told that he was satisfied with the first meeting, although nothing was signed and nothing concrete was said, except that everyone should meet as soon as possible in order to start negotiating and signing the Collective Agreement.

 “The start of negotiations depends on the Federal Minister of Labor, who will soon send an answer as to whether members of our Negotiating Team who are not in our team as an independent union, but are engaged as experts, can participate in these negotiations.”

As soon as an answer is received, it will be known in which direction the negotiations will go.

Both sides are in favor of starting negotiations on signing the Collective Agreement as soon as possible, which is the conclusion of the meeting.

To recall, the health workers of the HNC have been on strike since December 10th last year. The Union of Health Workers in the HNC is not giving up on the general strike. Although the Government proposed a new Collective Agreement, they continue with the protests, because, as they say, their conditions were not fulfilled even with that agreement.

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